Mirjana Tomašević Dančević
Senior Adviser for Visual Arts at the Education and Teacher Training Agency in Zagreb.
Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Zagreb with a degree in teaching Visual Arts, and from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Zagreb with a degree in History of Art, and English as a foreign language.
Currently writing the doctoral thesis in Education of/History of/Art (Paul Klee’s drawings…).
Artist, author and illustrator of Art and EFL education materials.
Co-author of art textbooks and handbooks for (upper) primary and lower secondary school. Author of two books: on art therapy/ short stories & poems – drawings.
President of the Croatian Council of InSEA (International Society for Education through Art),, (countries/Croatia).
Since 2006 a member of the Board of the European Regional Council of InSEA.
Presenter at European and world congresses of InSEA since 1994. Author of/selector for three child art exhibitions at InSEA congresses and many more in Croatia.
Doing teacher training, and running art/ therapeutic/ EFL workshops for children and families/ methodical workshops for university students.
Since 1983 a member of the Croatian Association of the Artists of Fine Arts.

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Book How to Draw a Feeling?

Book To Fly and Come Back